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I received a text message from GameZone indicating my ‘free trial’ was ending and I would be charged monthly for their service. I never enrolled for their free trial. After cancelling their service I received a text message saying "Your subscription is cancelled. You’ll recieve no more charges or messages." Received at 9:48 am, 10/13/18I received another notice at 11:16 am, 10/13/18 through my cell provider confirming ‘content purchased’. When I looked at the content it was a 7 day trial with ongoing charges from Game Zone interactive. The exact service I cancelled less than 2 hours before.I was able to contact my cell provider to cancel and block the service from that end to prevent any charges.The fact that I was enrolled twice without my consent, the second time occurring after I had cancelled through Game Zone’s cancellation method makes me think this is a scam and should be shut down. The charge was 5 dollars a month, which was charged to me once for the first time they subscribed me.

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By Ronald

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