Game Exchange Hopkinsville Kentucky Review


I was in the Hopkinsville ky store and I was in aware of their return policy in which I was not made aware of in the first place so I go in to check on a hard drive for my system and they were extremely rude can’t say they the man in particular was the girl was fine but I ask some questions and he acts like I’m such a big bother and rudly asks what I need not a how can I help you but regardless I wanted to return a couple games since I couldn’t play them due to my hard drive and all I said was I wasn’t aware of it and he rudly says yes you were points at the signs behind the register and my receipt in such a pissy manner so I left not pissed about the return policy but by how he treated me I absolutely will not go back there and everyone I know will be informed of this and y’all need to realize this is a small town word gets around fast just watch your customer numbers dwindle into nothing. I will be staying with my trusty game stop

2705 Ft Campbell Blvd Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA

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By Ronald

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