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I was directed there by in an attempt to get a PDF version of a textbook I already own. Most websites want you to pay for the e-text book, and I didn’t want to have to buy it twice. My first red flag that I should have listened to was that in order to have a “free”” account they require credit card information. Their promise is no charges will occur until you make a purchase or upgrade your account. Went throguh the motions because I REALLY need this book on file

found out the account I signed up for was only a 5 day trial and they would likely start charging me automatically once the trial was up. I figured I would deal with it later and get my ebook first

then just cancel my trial account. They did not have the ebook despite being advertised that they did. In order to cancel my account they charged me 1.00. These scumbags are probably making thousands off of people like me who just want one thing and believe their “”no strings attached”” lie. DO NOT GO TO EITHER OF THOSE WEBSITES. Straight up scam.”

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