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This firm does business under different addresses. i filed a report a while back and it was an Omaha, NE address then. nWell once again i got a call from Galleria promising that i would save great sums of money using them to make purchases of products and services. i told them that i had already received their stuff, cancelled it and finally got my wal mart gift card. the telemarketer told me don’t worry it doesn’t matter how many times you cancel and get the wal mart gift card. nSo, the material arrives but unlike before where i could immediatley fill out a form for my wal mart gift card, this time it said i would be receiving a survey to fill out then i’d get my wal mart gift card. but after waiting nearly 3 weeks and knowing that if i did not call and cancel at least one week before my time was up, my card would be charged their outrageous fee. so i called and cancelled and asked about the survey and was told it would still come and yes i would still get my $50.00 wal mart gift card. well that was on Oct 9 and i have yet to receive my survey or wal mart gift card. i tried calling but because i had cancelled there was no way to get through to anyone as it disconnected me. i tried my account number and then on the second call i gave them my phone number and again it said i had cancelled and i could not get through to anyone. ni believe they added the survey thing to give them time so that people that cancelled would not receive the survey and therefore would never receive the $50.00 wal mart gift card. so from now on i will just hang up on them. please do not fall for their phone line about it being easy to cancel and yes you still get the wal mart gift card or whatever they offer you as they have lost so much money giving these cards away they created this survey that never comes so they can say you do not qualify to get the card as you did not do the survey. but how can you fill out something that will never come unless you maintain your membership i guess. nthe best thing to do is to hang up or to tell them that you are registered on the ‘do not call’ list and while the issue is still in litigation the courts have ruled they cannot call you, act like you know all about the list and court rulings even though the court that said the list was legal was only a court for a given area. act tough and let them have it as they are going to get into your wallet if you are not careful as once you cancel you cannot get ahold of them via the phone. njust say no!!! nTerrynDubuque, IowaU.S.A. Houston, Texas U.S.A.


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