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I have a roof that has GAF shingles on it. It is just over half its life and the shingle are shot. I have some in the valley that have holes in is and some that are falling off. This has cause a leak in my house and now I have either milder or mold in our closet. It did $2407.52 damage inside the house so far, maybe more, we won’t know til they open up the ceiling. We got a price from a roofer to get the roof fixed and I got a quote of $3990.29. We contacted Gaf and they sent us paper work to fill out and wanted a shingle from the roof to examine, so we fulfilled their wish and sent them everything they wanted. Then they sent us a letter saying they needed the estimate on a letterhead. I sent them that the first time , but to make them happy I did it again.They sent another letter saying it will ne 3 to 5 weeks for a answer. It was almost a month later we get a letter from Gaf saying they will give us $200.20. They wanted us to sign a paper that released them for any other claims that might be made on the roof and they would send us a check for $200.20. WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE!!! We probably have that into having a roofer over to take off a shingle and send it in and tarping the roof. So I decided to file a complaint with the Better Busness Bureau to see if they can help me and make this right. I think it is only fair for them to pay for all the damage done inside the house due to faulty product and almost half of the shingles, labor , and wood the need to be replaced. I don’t think I am asking for to much, just what i am entitled to . If you can’t warranty and stand behind your product you shouldn’t be in business !!! JUST A WORD OF ADVISE DON’T BY GAF SHINGLES, THE DON’T STAND BEHIND THEM OR WARRANTY THEM !!!! nSincerly ,A VERY DISAPOINTED FORMER CUSTOMER

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