Gabriela Nidome Fontana, California California


I’ve been married to my stupid ass husband for 13 years but we have actually been together for 18 years. All it took to destroy our marriage was for him to pull of the freeway to use the bathroom and he ran into this fat disgusting bitch named Gabriela Nidome. He had the affair for 3 months and if I wouldn’t of caught him on the phone he would have keep it going. || This bitch would invite my husband over to have sex while by the way her husband was out running errands. She would tell him you better not hurt my feelings cause I don’t take that well. This bitch will ask my husband about me like if she gave a shit about me..yet she never stopped having the affair with him. The sad thing is her husband is a motivational speaker and he always speaks about how family is the most important thing to him and he always says how much he loves his f**king lying fat bitch of a wife. I only know this because he is on Facebook and youtube. He might of found out about the affair because I looked up the whore pig face on Facebook and she deleted her page because I put messages on there hope this disgusting piece of crap burns in hell. || Oh by the way my husband is paying for what he did to our family I bet he wishes now he just would of waited to use the bathroom at home. He begs like the dog he is.

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By Ronald

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