G & B Tile and Plaster tyler Texas Review


Was told work would take about 3 days once they started and that would be in a couple weeks. It was 4 weeks before they came, each time with an excuse to keep me on the hook, and each time no notice, was not notified they wern’t coming until they no show and I called them. When tey did come I paid 1/2 up front like contract said. They tore pool out but left me for 2 weeks before the returned to finish at which time I was informed things had changes and the balance was due before they completed the work even though contract said on completion. The finished product was less than desirable. They brag on communication yet I never talked to them in person, he never even called only email and those only after my complaints. they also brag about being clean i still have a ton of old plaster in the yard, on lawn furniture. This guy is a crook plain and simple. I would stay very far away. I was suckered in because I like the system they use but would never recommend them to anyone. They SUCK and don’t care about the customer. I have had this done before and was very happy. it was done in a timely manner and the finished product was much nicer. It was also cheaper. Pool replaster has been around a long time. don’t fall for this guy and the way they do the replaster like I did, its just another plaster like everybody else does , but not near as good

960 N Mill Lewisville Texas 75029 Lewisville, Texas United States of America



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By Ronald

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