Fxtradingway Review: Are they Transparent?


A new standard is what Fxtradingway claims to bring to the online investment world. What is clearly obvious is that the website is a clone. Several other websites have been using the same website design. These include HaceTraders, AtlanticFxMarket, and SuperFXNetwork. And this makes FX Trading Way another crypto investment scare. Investors need to worry when such websites use the same design. It looks like the same group operates all four. Here’s more in our detailed FXTRADINGWAY REVIEW.

About Fxtradingway

Fxtradingway Review

Even their about us page is the same as the other three. Nothing has changed apart from the name. The platform claims to be an international investment firm offering innovative tools. Fxtradingway is targeting naïve investors who don’t do due diligence.

Luckily for you, we make sure the online investment world is safe for everyone. By exposing this platform, we hope none of you will fall for it. Those who have deposited are facing withdrawal issues and account blockade.

FX Trading Way is professing to offer non-existent services. There’s no trading platform, only a depository channel. Members deposit funds expecting to profit from the investment firm. It doesn’t happen, and they end up losing their funds.

To stay safe in the crypto world, you need to invest in proven platforms. These platforms offer the most intriguing and safest way to invest in crypto. Some of the options include Coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. Give them a try!

On the other hand, platforms such as Fxtradingway.com have been popping up recently. With the rise in value for crypto, everyone wants to get a share. And this brings some unwarranted attention from offshore investment groups.

Please find out more as we dive deeper into the aspects and features of this clone platform.

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Account opening procedure

It all starts with the action of opening an account with the platform. Fx Trading Way has made a calculated move even to get your bank account details. Even though the account opening process looks straightforward, there are hidden agendas.

You fill in your address, contact, and full names. Once you have the account, the platform insists you make your first deposit. After depositing, you get a call thanking you and advising you to wait for a few days for returns to mature.

A few days later, your account balance might see an increase in funds. You get your hopes high and send a withdrawal request. And it’s at this point that the platform shows its true colors. From this point on, you rarely get calls and don’t get to withdraw.

Just after clicking the withdrawal tab, the platform will ask for verification documents. You should note they don’t ask for these documents until you hit the withdrawal tab. There’s a good reason for it.

With these documents, such as a copy of your ID and bank statements, they can manipulate your account. Some members have seen charges on their credit cards for products they didn’t subscribe to.

Arnold Damien, a cyber-expert security analyst, warns of bank data harvesting. The platform is targeting wealthy investors. With your documents, nothing is stopping them from creating a new persona.

Business owner

Fxtradingway LTD is the company that claims to own and runs this operation. There’s no company existing in America or Europe with this name. We did a check with several company registers to confirm.

Fx trading way Features

You will also notice the platform does not mention any names associated with the platform. We don’t know the CEO or CFO of this company. There are no names of staff members of professionals investors that keep the machine learning.

What we see is an attempt by the platform to remain anonymous. And this is where the problems begin for members. With anonymity, there’s no way you can reach out or recover your funds. Please stay away from anonymous online investment platforms.

Contact and support

Their point of contact includes a chat tab and a Whatsapp group. You don’t get any direct access to support as there’s no phone number. There’s a message board on their contact page where you leave your message and wait for a response.

You also get an email address which is more of the same as the message board. The live chat response is slow, and messages on Whatsapp are six months old. No one wants to communicate with members.

Domain records (Fxtradingway.com review)

Records indicate the website has been running for six months. The name of the registrant has been redacted for privacy reasons. Another reason to worry is the server used to host the website. It has been flagged for hosting several crypto platforms.

Most of the crypto websites under this server are short-term websites. The lifespan is less than two years. Once investors catch up on the platform, they change the domain name. What remains is the website’s layout, as seen in all four cases.

Fxtradingway License and Registration

Fxtradingway is not a licensed entity and does not provide any licensed material. You would expect an investment company to be totally transparent with its compliance. Each investment platform should show copies of its license.

It’s not the case with FX Trading Way, as they openly refuse to inform users of their status. And this is a violation as they are obligated to inform users of their current status. Investors, too, should make sure an official body regulates the platform.

The best regulators include ASIC, CySEC, FCA, FINMA, and SEC. Any platform registered by any of these regulators is good to go. It means they have passed every criterion, including depositing the statutory reserve with regulators.

Fxtradingway License and Registration

A platform with no license puts your investment at risk. We urge that you avoid all investment platforms that fail to disclose their status. You are in safe hands with investment platforms whose license details match that of the regulator.

Hallmarks and features of Fxtradingway

Available services

Fx trading way is offering four services to investors. These include Crypto exchange, investments, loans, and trading. With the platform offering loans, it should comply with lending regulations. Even if you ask for a loan, we don’t think they offer them with fair terms.

What the platform does is the claim to offer bonuses for deposits made. With the bonus percentage, you get to invest or trade. Here’s the catch, before making any withdrawals, you must pay back the exact bonus.

Even if your account has the balance to offset the bonus, they demand a new deposit. It’s their way of knowing when a client wants out of the platform. Once you make the mistake of making the deposit, they close your account.

It’s the reason why regulators are against platforms that offer bonuses and commissions. With rising complaints from investors, regulators want to protect you from such clauses. Ensure to avoid platforms with high bonuses and commissions, and you will later pay for them dearly.

Payment methods

fxtradingway.com payment methods

Depositing funds with FX Trading way is via Bitcoin or any other main cryptocurrency. When it comes to Fiat, they send you a bank account where you will send funds. There’s no need to invest with the platform for one reason, withdrawal.

Withdrawing funds with Fxtradingway.com is not possible.

Safety of funds with Fx trading way

A platform with no license does not guarantee your fund’s safety. The platform does not offer insurance cover to members.

Bottom line

With evidence proving Fxtradingway is a clone, we will be adding it to our blacklist.

You should only invest in transparent and safe platforms proven to work. It’s your best chance of making reasonable returns.

If you have any queries, email us or leave a comment, we would be happy to respond.

Can I make reasonable gains with fxtradingway.com?

The platform blocks withdrawals, even after making successful trades.

How much does it take to invest with FX Trading Way

The platform will ask for any amount starting from $50 and onwards

What are the best Crypto investment platforms

Those that offer Coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding www.valforex.com/best-crypto-investment-platforms-defi-masternoding-coin-stakings/

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