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I made an investment of 300 USD in mining hardware as an investment at FXCrypts. I was later told that my account had been placed on mandatory upgrade which would cost me 1600.89 USD because I had been operating on a silver platform on a starter plan. This came without warning although I had an account manager who had been advising me along the way. I tried to make a withdrawal of 10,000 USD but was told that it would not go through until the upgrade was paid. I spent a total of $2,400 CAD for the upgrade. The company pushed through profits while the account was supposedly placed on hold. I attempted to withdraw 9,000 after the profits were pushed through because I was afraid of being charged yet another upgrade fee. This brought the withdrawal request to 19,000 USD. After I paid for the upgrade, I was charged another $5,248 USD withdrawal fee which was not mentioned previously. I was promised the withdrawal amount after the upgrade had been completed. The company had me download a blockchain wallet and requested the wallet ID, Password and Wallet address. This information is never shared but the request came because they wanted to be in full control of the wallet so that they could manipulate me and make their demands. They deposited unspendable bitcoins and demanded 9,500 USD for the private keys of the wallet. When I had allowed them to enter the wallet, I noticed that the Browser was from Nigeria Time: 2018-11-08 20:05:52IP Address: (Nigeria)What I realized is that the company only revealed what they wanted me to pay for the next step in the scam after one payment was received so that I never knew what would hit me next. The account manager is a guy I met on Twitter. He knew all along what would happen and never told me. When I asked him if he agreed with what was happening to me, he told me yes. Their address on the site is incomplete. I would like to get my investment back. The account manager said that if anything went wrong at least, I would get back my investment. I have requested to get in back my Bitcoins both from him as well as the company but now that they have my Bitcoins they are not commenting.

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By Ronald

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