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I purchased a $700 dresser in May 2011, and contacted them after 3 weeks (they do say on their website that shipping could take 7-21 days) when I still had no word from them on the status of my item. They told me it would be another 10 days. Waited another 10 days with no word. Contacted them again and was told that there was yet another delay. I was given a date as to when the item would be shipped. The date came and went. I called them and they said that they had sent my order to the distribution center, but they were waiting on a response from them. nAt this point it had been over 3 months since the date of purchase. After reading so many awful reviews about this company, I realized that I have likely been scammed. I contacted FurnitureBuzz and requested they cancel my order (realizing I would never see my dresser) and requested a refund immediately. They canceled my order NO PROBLEM, but have yet to send me my refund. I have sent an email to the owner (Robert Shippy) at [email protected] to request my refund, filed a report to the BBB, as well as filed a claim through my bank. nWe’ll see what happens, but it sounds like there is a good chance they have stolen my money. I don’t know how they sleep at night, but I really hope that someone will take them on to save others from their scam. I also hope that the victims will someday see their money returned. I am going to keep my fingers crossed… so sad!

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