FUN EXPRESS – ORIENTAL TRADING hempstead New York Review


On 5/27 I attemped to place an online order with In doing so, I did not receive a confirmation that the order had went through so I called funexpress to confirm the order. I was told that it had not gone through and to reorder later. At my next convience I did so. nThis order went through and I immediately received a confirmation email, and a receipt page. Come to find out later that both orders had went through. Now although funexpress has offered to take back the second order, they are insisting that I pay shipping costs for the return and assume the shipping costs for the shipment that was in error. nAs a large company who acknowledged on the phone that they have no way of knowing if i did call or not because it is not their procedure to notate the account when someone calls in, they refuse to refund my shipping charges to me. I have taken this up with my credit card company and intend to pursue this further. Upon additional review I found out that this company funexpress is linked directly to oriental trading company so beware of both! nMinanhempstead, New YorkU.S.A.

PO Box 2389 Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A.


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