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So, back in October of 2015 I ordered from Full Beauty online during their buy one get one free sale. I purchased a $80 jacket for my dad and another jacket for my brother in law. I was charged $80 on my credit card and waited for my items to come in. After about a month I became concerned because these were to be Christmas presents. Finally after about 6 weeks I received my dad’s jacket with a note saying that the other jacket was backordered until early December. I said okay, as long as I get it by then I’ll be fine. Then I received a postcard in mid-December saying that it was not going to be restocked. I called and said fine, let me pick something else and they said that was not an option. I said fine, then refund half my money, and they refused. I called my credit card company, disputed the charge, and was refunded the money. Then I started receiving letters saying that I owed them money so I continued to call them explaining the issue and work out a compromise. I kept ALL correspondence and date/times of phone calls. After over a dozen calls with no resolution, I gave up and thought it was over. Then I get notified by my credit monitoring company that they dinged my credit report in mid/late 2017! I went from a score of 850 down to 810, I was furious! I disputed the ding with the credit bureau and after providing all of the proof in the form of records of calls and correspondence my credit score was finally restored. What a mess! I will never, EVER, deal with these incompetent fools again. What a scam — they draw you in with BOGO then conveniently cancel one of the items so you’ll have to pay full price.

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