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St Petersburg is lucky to be one of the FEW areas in the USA where consumers have an actual choice for High Speed Internet, with Frontier, Spectrum, and Wow all competing for customers – both residential and business. So, I was very interested when I found Frontier was advertising a special $39/mo rate for 200Mbps Internet-Only service (I don’t need or want phone or TV service). | But I learned from the sales office, and even in speaking to a supervisor, that there is a “hidden” $10/mo router “rental” fee that is mandatory. I asked to have the service without the router, and was told it is mandatory – the excuse being it was necessary for customer service/support. I asked if I had to use their router, and was told NO – I could use any router, but I had to PAY for their router. | Now I’m a computer consultant – and have a dozen high-end wireless routers in stock! My routers are significantly superior to those used by Frontier (I know because I have clients using their service with their routers!). Still, it is legitimate – although a privacy concern to me – that Frontier might want to ensure that only certain routers are used so that they can monitor certain items… BUT all of those same things could also be monitored from the device on the wall — the “modem” (not really, but that’s the term people are used to) is in the ONT, and that has a LOT more diagnostic capability than their mediocre router. And quite honestly, in my 20 years experience with Verizon (the precursor to Frontier here), I have told them how to fix problems more often than the other way around. | But the REAL KICKER came at the end of the call: I gave in and promised to use their router, but I *KNOW* that the *FULL RETAIL* cost of their routers is under $100 each – and since I also know that routers should last for far more than a year, I asked if I could meet their “customer support” requirement by PURCHASING the router (e.g.: paying up-front – for their router – and NOT paying the $10/mo fee)… but I was told that is NOT an option. The extra $10/mo is REQUIRED. | So that leads me to believe that this is a DUPE. This is FALSE ADVERTISING. Your monthly cost is $49/mo, not $39 – becuase there is NO WAY to actually pay just the $39. — And this is NOT the same as the added government fees and taxes that show up on your bill – those are COLLECTED by the ISP, but they don’t GET the money, it actually goes to the government(s). This extra $10 goes directly to Frontier. | If you do the math, that’s a 25% increase over the advertised rate! | I have complained to the Florida Attorney General’s office, but I have little hope that they’ll do anything.

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