With a flight reservation in hand, our son reported to the CAK / Akron Canton Airport on Thurs. 6/7/12 at 5am for a 6:15am flight on FRONTIER AIRLINES #847 to Jackson Hole Wyo. via Denver, Colorado. nAt 1pm we were all told the flight was cancelled due to Mechanical Problems and he could not get out on another Frontier Flight until SAT. 6/10/12. This was unacceptable. Work days have been taken off, vacation days were being used, he needed to get to Jackson Hole Wyo. He complained to the manager on the phone and was told all they could do was give a $200 voucher on a future Frontier flight. NO REFUNDS, NO FREE LUGGAGE ON SAT’s FLIGHTS. They didn’t care that they had a plane full of paying customers who are not able to maintain Frontier’s equipment and planes. That is FRONTIER’S RESPONSIBILITY. Frontier hires their maintenance workers. Get another plane for your paying customers. Who can plan for and allow 3 extra days to get to one’s destination?? Who would want to fly Frontier Airlines again to use their lousy $200 travel voucher on a FULL FARE FLIGHT? Get your act & maintenance together, or let someone else do it right. nThere was also a $35 cab ride back home after spending half a day in line trying to get information, options, and any resolutions at Akron Canton Airport / Frontier Airline counters. nWARNING: IF YOU BUY A TICKET ON FRONTIER, DON’T COUNT ON GETTING WHERE YOU NEED TO GO ON TIME, OR EVEN ON THE DAY YOU NEED TO GET THERE. DON’T EXPECT MUCH AND YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

7001 TOWER RD. DENVER, CO. CANTON, Ohio United States of America


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