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Complaint: They take your order and your money. The 1st couple times everything is good. Them the shipping slows and you start getting fake tracking numbers. They offer you a refund but before you get it they charge you again for your order you never received and only give you one refund. Almost 2 months later and I am still waiting for the other $250 they stole from me. I had to file a fraud claim with my CC company since I realized all the do is lie and make excuses but never actually give you your money. Then they blame the company that processes the cards. Don’t let them have your info. Soon as this fraud is finished I will cancel this card but I have already put a blp k so no one outside of the US can charge in it. This is what I though was fishy also. They have phone numbers in and outside of the US and their products ship from India. So why is their billing service in Mexico. This is the 1st pharmacy I have had a problem with and I am guessing it because of this Mexican CC proccesor as far as the overcharge and no refund. Never had a issue with any overseas processors. Also the shipping got so slow. Takes a week or more before you et a tracking number then it doesn’t work for several more days which means it’s almost 2 full weeks by the time it even ships the last one never eveb shipped all I got was a fake tracking number and excuses. Do not do buisness with this company Unless you enjoy waiting for things and getting charged for no reason.

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By Ronald

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