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I friended a former colleague on Facebook messenger. She asked how I was doing & I asked the same. She then asked if I had heard about the free community grant; & said that "they are helping retiered, disable, semi retired, students & workers; and wondered if I got my money yet because she had seem my name on the Federal Government Eligible winners list. (This is a highly educated woman; so I initially attributed the spelling & grammatical errors to typos). I replied, that I had not applied for any grants; & asked her for the website she was referring to. Instead she sent me the "Agent’s text number"; and told me to message him, & to tell him that a friend told me about the "free grant community" and that I was applying to claim my winning money. I told her that I sent a message; but he refused to give me any information in writing; and therefore I was skeptical & reluctant to give him any personal information. I told her that I thought this was a scam because I did not apply for any grant. Her "reply" was "Don’t be skeptical, I received my grant; & that is how I saw your name on the winning list. The grant is real & legit just obey the agent. Don’t be scared of the grant money; I received my money without any delay & all you need is to be sincere with the agent. I received $92,000 cash that was deliver to me & I paid a token fee for the clearance fee of my money. Congratulations for you being among the winning list because I quickly paid off my old bills & I save the rest of the grant money into the bank". I replied that it still sounds like a scam; & asked again where she saw my name. She replied " I saw your name when I was signing on my wining document. Don’t be scared the grant is real & legit, I even thought it was a joke not until I go my money deliver to me" I tried calling her to verify the message but her home phone had been disconnected. I texted the "Agent". In his return text he stated " My name is AGENT Rodney Williams. I am the agent in charge of the Free Grant Community". He then stated that "This program was organized by the Federal Government and some multinational companies around the Globe to help people pay bills & invest so they can enjoy from the company benefits so once you qualify you will have to choose the amount you want to claim, then you pay the shipping & clearance and you get yourmoney delivered to your door step. So let me know once you are ready so we can proceed." I then asked for the information on this grant program to be mailed to me; but was told that "processing had to be continued in this manner". He then stated again "The grant is real & legit.Once we are there we will give you evidence of your grant", and asked to proceed. He asked for my full name to check their database to see if I qualified for the grant money. A few minutes passed; and then I received a text stating " Congratulations on your winning as our verification team alerts that your data verification process was successful". Then I was asked for my address, sex, age, marital status, phone number, email, occupation, if I wanted cash or check, and monthly income. It also state that I needed to fill out this information right here. Then I was informed that I qualified for the grant. I was given a reference number, batch number, winning ticket number, & serial number. Then I was told by the agent, "We ask that you keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed & your money remitted. Thanks. Note: Any unclaimed prize will be returned to the treasury of EMPOWERMENT CORPORATION. Your are advised to keep your winning details strictly to yourself & not share it with any individual or firm to avoid confiscation of your prize. A certificate will be issue to you at the point of delivery showing & telling you the money is tax-free so you don’t need to pay taxes. Now, you are to choose the amount you wish to claim from us. And you will pay the Clearance fees, You are to choose below the amount you want toclaim. Fee of $600, & you get $13K; Fee of $900, & get $30K; Fee of $1100, & get$41K; Fee of $1600 & get $57K; Fee of $2300 & get $92K; Fee of $3600 & get $140,000; Fee of $4200 & get $220K; Fee of $600 & get $305K; Fee of $7100 & get $350K; Fee of $11,000 & get $450K. You are to choose wisely & get back to me as soon as you can, so your file can be verify with your document after been choosing it. Thanks." Then after choosing the amount; I was asked "How are you going to pay for the clearance fee so that I can give you the UPS courier details on where to send the delivery fee. Should I give you the UPS courier service cashier details now on where to pay for the clearance fee. UPS courier service cashier details: Bank Name Wells Fargo Account No: **********; Account Name: Lawrence Yancy; Routing No: ***********. Once you send the $2300; send me the receipt of payment so we can confirm your payment & your money can be deliver tomorrow, When should I be expecting the receipt of payment. The reason why I ask about the time your are sending me the receipt is that your grant money will be deliver to your door step tomorrow."

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