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Complaint: I signed up online 6/4/12 to go to one of their Seminars and they overcharged me X 3 and it took me almost all week and time off work and many hours on the phone with horrible service trying to get my money back. In the meantime I was unable to pay some of my bills and had to also deal with some of the companies to not charge me a late fee and by the end this company had me in tears begging them on a conference call with my bank to reverse the charges so I could pay my bills. Mary Morgan was the main person I dealt with and she was anything but helpful or sympathetic. I asked to have Amy Flores (Mary’s Mgr) call me about the horid service and she called and left the # of 1-800-556-3998 and to this day that number is still busy. I also asked that Fred Pryor contact me but as of this writing he has made no attempt to do so. I cannot say for sure but, you just have to wonder just how much interest they make on these kind of mistakes and for over what time frame if someone does not raise a fit about it like I did?

Tags: Sales People

Address: 5700 Broadmoor St., Suite 300 Internet United States of America


Phone: 800-780-8476

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