Franklin woods mobile home community niles Michigan Review


On February 14 2015, an agreement was entered into and a deposit made for the lease/ owner option of a new skyline MODULAR home and property located at lot 66 in the park , this is a written agreement to which both parties have responsibilities and conditions. There were also agreements made in regards to finishing a complete installation of the home. The set up and repairs needed to finalize the contract. The home was not livable at the time of the down payment, as they( FRANKLIN WOODS) were getting it ready for u201csomeoneu201d to move in and if u201cweu201d didn’t give them a down payment it was gonna be sold to someone else. Video was taken of the site , inside and out. And the agreements were entered by the park manager jennifer jordan and the new owner that any major issues would be handled by Franklin woods llc. With witness of the agreements. Along with $1000.00 additional added to the u201crequiredu201d down payment. Once I signed the contract and jennifer jordan took my money not another thing was finished as agreed to. They did not hook up the water, did not hook up the sewer, did not hook up the HVAC, did not installe steps, did not replace the 2 broken windows, did not clean up the truck load of construction trash left on the site. I had to clean that up and hual it away. They never backfilled the lot I am renting and never put seed in the ground for me to maintain. They never installed the skirting to the ground and every time the wind blows I have to have some one come and tuck it back in. They did not fix any of the plumbing leaks I had , they just dumped the parts on the ground and said good luck. I started to complain and the maintenace man stuck his fingers into his ears and said ” i dont have to listen to you. “” quote. while walking away. I had a tree fall into my roof

the parks insurance company showed up and took the tree off my house

then left and never came back. While my neighbor had to use his materials to patch the holes in my roof befor the next rain storm. Then I find out that the insurace company paid to have my roof fixed. My roof was never fixed and they cashed the check and spent the money. After 2 weeks of being lied to by the park employees starting on 2-21-2015 I realized I was going to be responsible for doing their jobs. Then I recieved my first statement and I was shocked as I was being charged PET FEES FOR MY HUSBANDS SERVICE ANIMAL

the park employees had all the documents they asked for. The park manager Jennifer Jordan anoucnced: that my husbands large breed K9 was in fact a legal and lawfull

specificly trained

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