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Complaint: Frank did not gave my salary; and I waited from December 21(my birthday) up to now. I just let the holiday season past to give him time and just thought he was just busy, but now I am not expecting for it anymore. He doesnu2019t have signature on our contract so we canu2019t chase him. I understand that I should have checked or asked for his signature to our contract, but it looks like trust is really not enough. It may be his scheme so he could be safe in terms of legal actions.I worked 1month for Frank as a Graphic Designer for trial. And here is linked to see my works for a month time span. — Some are deleted because of revisions but still the quantity and also quality of work will prove that I really worked hard for the company. I also got 95% productivity on our tracker (please refer to the link above) and did not visit any website that is not for his business.I am also expecting to be absorbed for a long-term job because I know to myself that I am doing well (have initiative, fast and great designs). But I really donu2019t want to, and I really just want to end the trial period because I donu2019t feel Frank would take care of us. He also advertised false information. He said that there will be training but there is no single training or at least design/brand orientation. He advertise that he are currently training people to design but there are no training happening in our team see link; he only pressure us, not train. He also just doesnu2019t know yet how to manage designers, he doesnu2019t know whatu2019s good and bad design (or his design knowledge is limited and canu2019t appreciate designs if it has no visual effects like gradient depth and texture). He may have lots of delayed projects because of it and aside from that, even you are done with set of projects – the comment/approval takes days and canu2019t point out what is wrong. Check the link above again to see some screenshots. He also knows it to himself and told 1 client that he lacks communication to us thatu2019s why projects are not moving.There is no fight between me and Frank, and I donu2019t see any reason why he would not pay me. Even a salary delayed for a day is a huge inconvenience. But I am totally unpaid so I really really feel bad about it.

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