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I posted my Car on 2 popular online websites for sale. The next morning I woke to a text specifically stating my car by year make and model and then "Hello, I’m Kate. Email my dad if still for sale at [email protected]"I proceeded by replying, He replied back and introduced himself as Frank Parker. Asked some typical questions you might ask when buying a car and asked for more pictures. First thing that ticked, I asked what other types of pictures but the next email he didn’t care about pictures and was focus on the price.He asked for me to consider it sold and made it sound like a done deal and to take down the ad and if i was ok with PayPal.So by the time I come back in from taking more pictures I have an email from PayPal saying the money has been sent. I found this odd for sure because well we haven’t talked about price he just gave full price. Second there was some weird finance fees and it stated that the funds are there but locked until the fee is paid and to sent them the money via Western Union to get my money. It even stated stuff to do with paypal new policies and that it won’t show in my account activity until process complete.Ok another flag her.. They were smart enough to mask their email to look like real PayPal, from the address to the copyrights to pictures. I found it weird that the only clickable link was an email where to forward questions. Next, somebody is paying me to buy something, why would PayPal stick me with the fee, last why would I be paying fee to PayPal from western union and not PayPal. But I did reply back suspicious that he didn’t even want to see the car first, and I wanted him to actually clarify he understood this was AS IS sale.So I stopped, I opened another tab, went to my Paypal and could not find any sign of activity. So I called PayPal and explained it all, she reassured me it was a scam, PayPal wouldn’t sent out emails like that nor hide it from your pending activity, she confirmed with the database that nothing was going in, then also pointed out Western Union is their direct competition so ya.Even after some hours went by he still replied following up and hoping I understood how to get my money from PayPal. Little does he know, I know to watch out for these, but with how elaborate this scheme went and the small details most people would overlook, this is a big risk when dealing with popular car classified websites.I replied and let him know I figured him out and nice try. I have not got a reply since with all this leading me to believe it is a live person and not a computer robot. I have since let the particular website know what happened and they gave me some resources to help warn others of my experience, so now I am here.I haven’t seen stories like these around Facebook so I wanted to share. I couldn’t get the email to save as pdf, so I attached the best screenshot I could from my phone

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