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Scammer sent a legitimate looking Messenger request from a FB friend and i accepted the request. Scammer then via Messenger chit chatted and told me about a grant program, FPWA (Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies), and that they had been awarded funds for needed medical procedures, which made sense to me. This friend is sick and my fiance is sick. The Messenger chat then told me to text to 424-216-5148 that I wanted to apply for grant money. So I did text and explained why we wanted the money (expecting to then be told that applications would be mailed to us, etc). But the text message led to being told that I was eligible to apply and then couple minutes later referred to "Two important things WINNERS need to know." That is when I (of all people) sadly realized I was being scammed!! I had not given anything other than name and reason for wanting to apply for the grant money at this point, so no harm done except to my ego. The Messenger friend/scammer had asked me if i had texted the number to apply during the course of this scamming operation.

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By Ronald

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