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I purchased a hand-crafted headpiece from Shelby Gilliland via the ETSY marketplace on June 9, 2012. I patiently waited for any sort of reply or acknowledgement of my order and didn’t receive any. After I contacted Shelby, they finally emailed me back and told me all pieces are hand-crafted to order and I’d have to wait a little because the piece was not “dry”” yet…. mind you this was finally at the end of June when I found out that it wasn’t “”dry”” yet and ONLY after I opened a dispute/claim with Etsy for undelivered merchandise. I mentioned to the seller it wasn’t anywhere in the sales page for the piece that each one is hand crafted and they apologized that they didn’t make that clear in their ad for the item. I also mentioned in every single email to the seller that I needed a tracking number for when the order ships (and was willing to pay extra for one if I need to) so I can track the item properly. nThis open dispute went on for some time and Etsy finally suspended their store. At the end of July I finally get a response from the seller in the case asking if “”everything was squared away and they haven’t heard from me””.. unbelievable. I said NO that I have not yet received anything and at that point I just wanted a refund since it seems this person was unable to deliver on the product and unable to communicate properly. nI never received a refund even tho it was promised by the seller. ETSY finally CLOSED this seller’s account permanently over a $27 item… boggles the mind they’d rip me off for $27 and allow their store to be closed over such a small amount. Obviously the seller has issues. nAfter ETSY closed they account they finally let you open a dispute via Paypal

who said since it was past 45 days they couldn’t do anything so I had to go down to my BANK and file a claim against the transaction! What a pain! nDO NOT DO BUSINESS with Shelby Gilliland

FoxHoleDesigns unless you want your money stolen from you!”

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