FourStar Realty & Property Management – Maintenance is Foreign to Four Star

I refuse to rent a property managed by Four Star Realty ever again. I would rather have to commute an hour to work than to live at one of their properties. I lived in an apartment ran by them for just six months and every minute of it was a disaster. When I moved in the unit was dirty. The blinds were broken, the room had a messy carpet, and it needed to be painted. They charge a cleaning fee, so there was no reason I should have moved into that condition. They obviously did not take care of it. | I made a complaint, but they never responded. After move in, little things started to happen that turned into big issues because they would not take care of my requests. My washer and dryer broke down, the microwave stopped working, and my garbage disposal and dishwasher were broken by the end of the lease term. By the time I moved out, that place really needed attention. They tried to charge me for the repairs! After all the requests I made, I knew they ignored them because they wanted to make money off of me and did not want to pay for maintenance themselves. The worst company to try to cooperate with. They do not properly take care of any of their locations.

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