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If you are in the market for a fountain, a pond or service on either of these, PLEASE DO NOT get caught up with The Fountain Source or Gordon Rose. nHe is an ex-used car salesmen whom seems to be in love with himself and will tell you whatever you want to hear to get the job. He then gets the job and upsale after upsale after upsale……all he cares about is how much he can drain your bank account….and then… nAnd then he claims to design fountains and layouts only to draw pictures on a piece of paper and then hands the paper to a sub-contractor who really does know how to design….or not. nThe Fountain Source and Gordon Rose are a complete RIP-OFF! Gordon will do everything that he can to get your job, then he hires anyone that he can find in the local area and disappears only to collect a check for nothing. nHeadache after headache with this guy. He will hire out anyone in the world that says they have fountains experience. He does NO background checks, NO drug screens, NO BBB reports, NO reference checks , NO bonding and then gives them your address and project info only for him to disappear. nHe will bid jobs around the US with NO partners in place, gets the bid and then hires out to the cheapest sub-contractor that he can find and he disappears. nCall his father-in-law at Aquatec in Phoenix if you want work done. Ask for Everett or Heather as they are his in-laws and FIRED him from their business due to his poor project management. nSay NO to Fountain Source at and nJanetnPhoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

1310 E Southern Ave Mesa, Arizona U.S.A.



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