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Fortifica planted a virus on my computer and locked it out. The added a popup on my home screen to call apple support for a fix. When called Fortifica technology answered and charged me $250.00 to remove the malware. They demanded my bank account number and draft info. They added lots of desktop icons and phishing software then removed the virus.4 months later Fortifuca called and stated they were closing the business and giving my money back. They deposited $250+ an extra $4k in my account. Fortifica called same day and demanded the 4k$ back in which they stated that I can bank transfer it to Fortifica account or bo and buy 4k$ worth of gift cards.After going to the bank I learned that Fortifica have accessed my savings account and moved my own money from savings to checking and was requesting me to buy the gift cards with my own money. At this time I am 4k$ less as Fortifica took the money within 15 min of my calling and disputing the moves.

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By Ronald

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