Complaint: I e mailed Fort Bend county Toll road authority on January 28,2015 regarding a collection letter I received from Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott,LLp. That was the first time they informed me about a violation and I never received any statements of violations prior from Fort Bend County Toll Authority. Then I called EZTAG and got a confirmation from them that my account is paid in full and active (check below) and e mailed Fortbend county Toll authority for a dispute. I never received a reply to my e mail from Fort Bend county Toll road Authority. Again last week(almost after 4 months with additional admin fee added to my account) I received a collection letter for $367.65 .I am disputing the admin charges of $361.00 other than my actual violation charge of $6.65. When I called the Fort Bend county Toll Road authority this morning, I was informed I have to pay 75% of admin charges. I asked the agent to send the copies of statements which they said they mailed to me before the collection letter. She said she is unable to do so. As a tax paying citizen of good standing ,I am confused and very disappointed at this attitude of FORT bend county Toll road authority. I am more than happy to make the payment of $3.50 which is equal to toll charges. .I have genuinely attempted to make the payments earlier but unable to do so at this time due to admin fees charged by Fort Bend county toll road unreasonably and their unwillingness to remove it. This is a scam and injustice!

Tags: Environmental Violators

Address: P.O.BOX 2789 Sugar Land, Texas USA


Phone: 855) 999-2024

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By Ronald

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