I bought this Binary Options Course Called Omni 11 from the Binary Options Authority. They really sell this system as the greatest trading system in the world for trading Binary Options. I don’t know if their claims are true but I bought into the claims and bought the course for $3000.00. They make you check a box that you get no refund after you purchase the course. I should have seen this as a red light but I bought the course. I was completely blown away at how poorly the system was presented and some of the videos I could not even get to play. Many of the PDF files would not even download. When I contacted them by email they offered no assistance in solving these problems. After several attempts to them to help me I finally gave up as they just don’t want to help you in any way.As it turned out the information in the videos was common knowledge you can find on UTube. You would expect that if you bought a course for this much money that you would get some instruction, possibly some video conferences with chat rooms to help students master the system. Nothing. Nada.You bought these videos and that’s all you get. Anyone knows that trading is a difficult way to make a living and trading a system takes time and effort to trade well. These people don’t care about you at all. After you buy this course you will be left on your own. They sell other courses such as Striker 9 and their courses range from $200.00 to $7500.00 and even higher.If you are looking at buying courses on Binary Trading then I would say look for a company that is there to help you and provide customer support. I learned the hard way on this one.. I demand I would like a full refund of the purchase price. I don’t recommend them

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