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First of all I made an order to forever21 on March 7th and didn’t receive it until March 28th because they made an error with the shipping which they admitted. Once I received the items I did not want them anymore and they did not have the measurements described on the site. So I followed the instructions step by step and package the items up and returned them in the mailbox the same day I received them. I got an email from Forever21 saying they received my items on April 1st and that it would only take 3-5 business days to receive my refund. To this day they have not given me my refund and are completely ignoring my emails. I hope they will see this report and try to rectify there lack of customer service. They clearly try to rip people off by taking your money and keeping it even after you returned the items. They are also liars and make up all sorts of excuses of why they couldn’t process the refund, like it’s my bank that is at fault which doesn’t make any sense because paypal has a function where you can easily say return refund. They have a paypal, so they are liars and are possibly hoping I forget about my refund so they can keep the money. I will never ever shop there again since I know what they are about and would love to return all the other items I got from them prior to this incident, but they will probably try to keep that refund too.

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