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Buyer be ware~ I saw this new product on TV it is like a snuggle but they call it FOREVERY LAZY one piece sleepwear.$29.95 Buy one get one free the free one you will have to pay additional $7.95 I try to buy only one so I put one in as the total amount. So I call said I only want to buy one and told them that they didn’t over charge me of shipping and handle. the customer service said that I was not over charge that on my order form where I have 1 (one) that means one set of sleepwear. They told me there is a 30 day money back guarantee and I could return the free one but my shipping and handle fee is non returnable my total order is $45.85 This is a ripe off no where on the web page said you could not buy only one.

p.o. box 3179 wallingford, Connecticut United States of America


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