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First I purchased from Kim and John Tansek a 7 year old red male that what I was told to have limited vision from a grooming accident. When he was taken to the best vet in Tx from Tx & M it was determined his blindness was not from a grooming accident but from the worst entropian he had ever seen. This chows call name was Smokey..The vet had to deal with 3 layers of over lapping skin and eye tissue to make it where he could see.. To date Smokey is not in my breeding program but is with a familly that loves him dearly. I lost $3000.00 buying this red male from Kim and John Tansek. On the upside I would like to say I loved Smokey dearly and he is is in the most loveing home for him as I also work with the Houston Chow Chow rescue in Tx. THIS IS ONLY ONE CHOW I BOUGHT FROM FORESTWAY CHOWS. I BOUGHT THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME

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By Ronald

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