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Complaint: I have a Ford Windstar 2000 with under 100000KM and the paint on the roof is pealing, this is not covered under warranty? Hmm why then did I buy the extended 170000km warranty? I reported it months ago and nothing has been done about it. They chose to ignore me until my standard warranty runs out and then it’s not their problem? I have read on a number of websites how there is a known problem but the motor giants keep it quiet. Paint does not just peal off of a car unless it not put on properly in the 1st place, how is it I have a 1998 car and it’s paint is still not pealing? Come on Ford stop treating the consumers like idiots. I have owned 4 fords none of which I have had these problems with and this is how they treat a repeat customer Well guess what, not any more, just sit back Ford and watch your market share drop. There is no more business coming your way from me or anyone I know who values my opinion on Ford. Scott Georgetown, OntarioCanada

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