FNB Capitals Review: A Scary Crypto Investment Platform


FNB Capitals is a crypto investment platform lacking oversight from the FCA. The platform claims to reside in the U.K and offers a single account for all transactions. FNBCapitals claims to present banking products and services that are right for you. It all seems genuine up until you decide to invest with them. Most investors are irked with how things turned out. The platform is merely receiving deposits with no investment outcome. Here’s our detailed and transparent FNB CAPITALS Review.

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About FNB Capitals

FNB Capitals Review

There’s no saying when fnbcapitals.com went live or their background or history. Everything about the platform seems to be off the grid. We did a little digging to try and find out the real reason behind this platform.

You have to understand the risks that come with any investment. With crypto being the most sort after asset, it’s easy to take advantage of naïve investors. And this is why we are trying to stop this from happening to you.

FNB Capitals looks legit on paper; they even have a compelling web design. And that’s part of their plan to ensure everyone gets into the fray. The design and information displayed tells a story of a professional and successful outfit.

Once you start digging deeper, you might find some red flags. And this is what we did once we decided to check out their services. The platform is full of holes ranging from hiding crucial information to having no license.

Assets and services on offer

The platform boasts of having two services, business and personal banking. Under business banking, you get business checking, loans, and E-Banking. The platform also claims to offer wealth management services.

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Personal banking is for the normal individual who wants to invest with the platform. The service under personal banking includes banking, loans, mortgages, and savings. All these services, mind you, are offered by an institution with no license or registration.

From their business banking perspective, FNBCapitals claims to improve finance by reducing costs. The platform offers a wide array of card benefits and digital wallets. Investors can use their platform to pay for goods and services with the digital wallet.

Building wealth your way is their call to action. And it’s an engaging conversation as they want you to invest with them. The promise to help you invest with them makes perfect sense at the moment.

And it begs the question, why don’t they get a license from authorities? You, as the investor, should get services from a registered entity. Without oversight, the risks outweigh any promise of a safe investment environment.

Business owner

As an investor, you should know the person who is responsible for your investment. This is what we mean by transparency. The platform holding your investment should come clean on the people working round the clock.

FNBCapitals Features

And that’s what’s missing from the platform, transparency. You don’t know who will be held liable if anything goes south. There’s no mention of team members or the CEO of the platform. And this is what anonymity looks like on a clear day.

You should invest in a platform that is true to itself and the people working behind it. For now, we don’t even know if the staff is qualified to handle investments. And this is the reason why we will have to put a hold on investing with FNBCapitals.

Client experience

According to their services page, the platform has engaging clients on their trading platform. And this is where we know FNB Capitals also has a trading service. You won’t get this information from their homepage.

There’s another cause for concern with their client experience story. We did check with Trustpilot to see what others are saying about the platform. What we found out is shocking beyond words. It seems fnbcapitals.com is using paid comments to lure investors.

The reason we say this is the way the comments are displayed. All the comments are from the same day, which means this was a campaign. The comments from May 10, 2021, all praise the platform.

There’s no way this is a coincidence, five investors saying the same thing on the same day, no. This is a media campaign to try and fool investors who try and check their reviews. And we have to expose them for it.

Domain records (fnbcapitals.com review)

The platform has been running for over two years. This means a few investors should recognize the platform in the UK. And this is where things get dicey as no expert or novice investor has heard of the platform.

As we publish this post, the platform is 550 days old, and the website went live on December 12, 2019. There have been three changes in their IP address for the last two years. The name of the registrant has been redacted for privacy reasons.

What is clear is that the platform shares the same server as other crypto investment websites. Most of the websites under this server have low trust scores and no ranking from leading search engines.

FNB Capitals License and Registration

The FCA does not have an entity licensed or registered under the above name. This is a game-changer as the platform enjoys no oversight. Without even giving it a second thought, the platform is ideally a risky investment platform.

A platform without regulation puts your funds at risk. Investors are at risk of losing their investment from the harsh conditions. Nothing is stopping the platform from winding up and failing to compensate investors.

fnbcapitals.com Staff and Support

Regulators such as the ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and SEC ensure investors enjoy protection. These regulators ensure the investment condition is fair to both parties. FNB Capitals is not a registered UK crypto investment platform.

Staying away from it is the best decision you can make at this time. Other proven alternatives protect investors and offer realistic returns. It’s best to go for a proven crypto investment service provider backed by experts and the crypto community.

Hallmark/Traits of FNB Capitals

The reason FNBCapitals wants you to choose them is their social trading feature. They briefly talk about it and claim to have over 10 million traders. If this were true, we would have heard about it.

Sadly, no one in the crypto investment community in the UK has heard of this website. Most of the members are from other countries. And as such, trying to recover funds becomes a problem. We hope the FCA will step in and issue a warning regarding the use of fbncapitals.com.

Safety of funds with FNB Capitals

Your security when it comes to banking or investing with FNBCapitals is out of the question. With no oversight, there’s no telling what might happen to your investment. The platform does not offer insurance cover to investors.

Bottom line

FNB Capitals Business Banking Services

There’s every reason to believe FNB Capitals is a stray crypto investment platform. The best decision would be to get proven platforms backed by experts.

Go for reliable crypto investment platforms that offer safety and transparency.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries.

Should I invest with FNBCapitals?

Safety is an issue with the platform. We recommend using proven alternatives www.valforex.com/best-crypto-investment-platforms-defi-masternoding-coin-stakings/

Is there live support?

Support is another issue. You can only email and wait for a response.

Does the FCA regulate this platform

The FCA is on the verge of issuing an alert over this platform.

Can I withdraw funds with FNB Capitals?

No one has managed to withdraw funds from the platform safely. It’s a hassle to withdraw funds from an unregulated entity.

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