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I ordered a Tim Holtz On The Edge Doily to be sent to my friends P.O. box in Watertown, New York. When I saw my friend(which is sometimes 2-3 months later), she said she hadn’t received it. I got in touch with Flowers to Flourishes immediately and they said it was because I was a Canadian customer shipping to the States and there was a mix-up. They had it there at the business but never contacted me to tell me this, until I put a claim through PayPal. Ok, I understand( this was just over a month later), and they put it right and shipped it to my friend who received it. The same week they shipped the Doily I purchased The Spellbinders Floral Burst Cut/Fold/Tuck die, and saw that there was a tracking number and everything looked cool, so I had no reason to be concerned. When I saw my friend Carol, about 2 months later she said she didn’t receive it, never saw it, and doesn’t know what I was talking about. I even showed her a picture and she said she never got it. This is were I tried to put a claim through PayPal as I did before, but because more than 45 days had passed, there was nothing I could do. I tried to call FtoF, using their website phone number which seems to be out of order. I then sent off an email. Kelly then sent me an email with the wrong tracking number( it was for the Doily, not the Spellbinders Floral Burst Cut/Fold/Tuck die), saying it had been shipped. I sent an email back to Kelly explaining the situation and she has not replied. I have sent her about 6 emails in about the last 3 weeks, and she has ignored all of them. I think, she thinks, I’m lying, or something. I would think that she would have had insurance on the package from the Post Office, but I don’t know how the Postal system works in the U.S. For all I know one of the employees could have taken it in the Watertown, P.O. or put it in the wrong P.O. Box. All I know is that, she didn’t get it, and I’m very upset by all this. I consider myself a reasonable, and patient person People have family problems, deaths in family etc. and I am very understanding, but this I don’t understand. Still I have not heard from her. I would prefer to get the die, I ordered it, I wanted it, but I will reluctantly take the refund if there is no other way.

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