Flower Delivery Express Lexington South Carolina Review


I ordered my wife a flower arrangement from Flower Delivery Express on 05/22/2014. The website guaranteed same day delivery and stated I would receive a delivery confirmation. Needless to say I never received anything and neither did my wife. She works at a hospital so it’s open 24 hours a day with someone always at the front desk. This fraud of a business charged my card but 4 days later no flowers were EVER delivered. And of course you cannot get anyone on the phone so I sent an email. The email stated that unless I got an email saying different that to assume the flowers had been delivered which contradicts the first email. No flowers were ever delivered and this “business”” refuses to answer my repeated requests for a refund so I have begun the complaint process with both my bank and the Eastern Michigan BBB since that is where this scam artist is located. Unbelievably they have a grade of “”B”” with the BBB which I find hard to believe from a business with nearly 2000 complaints.”

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