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I received a phone call today telling me that I had been “carefully selected for my age demographic”” for a “”free”” Florida/Bahamas cruise vacation. They then asked me if I had remembered filling out a ballot at The Taste of Lawrence festival a few weekends back

here in Toronto. I do remember doing so

however I remembered it being for a car

but I did also remember that there may have been some additional prizes. nHe told me his name was “”Andy Garcia”” and even gave me his employee number. He then made sure that I had a pen and paper to write everything down. So I started writing some things nonchalantly. He kept going on and on and on about this vacation and as soon as I heard “”your own transportation to Florida”” and then “”$199 /person fee to get you off the island (Lucaya Grand Island)”” I knew what was going on. nOther things that tipped me off was when he was “”inputting”” some information. I could hear some loud keyboard clacking

however it sounded more to me like button smashing. It was clearly non-legit. He then put me on hold and that generic on-hold music played

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By Ronald

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