Florian Skoruppa Katonah New York Review


Me and a few friends were attempting to find a place in Berlin for a few months through Craig’s list. nFlorian Skoruppa was one who answered with a lease, photos, and a pretty convincing story. his or her, email used for this and other scams that they did was [email protected]. nThey also used the names Mandy Williams and Sunny Elukanlo during our process as well. nThe story was that their bank account was overdrawn and we would have to transfer money to one of these other names which we had to near force to get on the lease. After this, we asked for references, more photos of the apartment with the address in them, and more secure option of funds transfer to pay for the apartment. An unprofessional reply with no further contact from them showed they were fraud. nBeware of such scams when looking for an apartment. Ask for as much detail as you can get. Photos, names on leases, etc… and be very thorough with your reading and research. This was the 3rd scam we have come across when looking for apartments, most are easy to see. nJdrnKatonah, New YorkU.S.A.

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