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In October of 2016 we purchased 15 boxes of the AquaGuard Premium Laminate Flooring with the Expresso finish. The floor was finished in November and the following day we noticed some of the planks had an unusual filmy finish which under certain light looked like cheap plastic rather than the advertised “looks and feels like real hardwood””. On December 14

2016 we sent the first of 3 emails to Floor and Decors Customer Service (Ticket numbers: 219198

217710 and ticket 225390). We waited a couple of weeks but NEVER received a reply to our concerns. To this day F&D has not acknowledged nor apologized for the horrible customer service. We then went to F&D’s Draper

UT store and asked for the store manager. He did listen attentively to our complaint and agreed to help us find satisfaction but unfortunately we got kicked back to customer service. The person who contacted us had little or no product knowledge and zero compassion for our dilemma.. We were sent a claim form which we filled out and returned. After a month of emails we were eventually offered a couple of boxes of laminate if we would sign a release form but they refused to pay to have the bad product removed and reinstalled. They said the warranty which is printed in a small light gray font on the advertising piece enclosed with the laminate that the customer is responsible to inspect the product prior to installation. That would actually make sense normally but does not apply to our situation. In our case you cannot tell good planks from bad in sunlight nor at many angles of light and you cannot see the defect until the bad planks are viewed in relation to the adjoining planks. In all our dealings with F&D they never admitted nor acknowledged that they have a severe quality control problem. Had F&D had the courtesy to visit and inspect our problem

this would have been obvious .Please see the attached 2 photos to see how defective the bad planks are. F&D has a great section of products

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By Ronald

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