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I’ve been buying items online for more than 10 years. These guys are unbelievably bad. nI placed an order on 12/29/06. I ordered four items, including a pack of DVDs. I got the DVDs right away. I FINALLY got two of the other items a MONTH after I ordered them. I had to call them several times to ask on the status… they ignored my e-mails asking where the other items were. nHere’s the kicker. I was supposed to get the third item along with the other two, but it didn’t show up with the order. So I called them back a couple of times, and they promised it would ship out soon both times. It didn’t. So after waiting a couple more weeks, I called them back again (two months had passed since the original order, mind you), and they told me the item had been discontinued and that I could have a refund. nAnd here’s where it really starts to go downhill. I’ve been calling them for OVER A MONTH now, and each time they tell me they’ll issue a refund for the remaining item ($39). It keeps going back and forth, with them telling me they’ll issue the refund or that they already have, and yet they just aren’t doing it. Nothing but lies and excuses. It shouldn’t take them any more than 5 minutes to issue a refund to my debit card. The last couple of times I’ve called them, they’ve even put me on perpetual hold and I’ve had to call them back. It’s almost like it’s a game to them. They’re hoping I’m gonna give up and go away. Not gonna happen. nI’m guessing that Colleen/Connie (maybe they’re the same person?) are waiting until the 29th so they can claim that the order has been deleted from their system and they can’t refund the money. These people are TERRIBLE! Their customer service is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. nThey’re hoping I’m gonna give up and go away. Not gonna happen. nAllennMorton, IllinoisU.S.A.

7222 Van Nuys #333 Van Nuys California 91405, California U.S.A.


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