Flex Solution (spelled “Flex Soluton” on credit card charge)


Pop ups started coming on my web browsers in Google Chrome and Safari. The following message occurred on every new page I opened in the search engines: "Case ID: 10252086: Dear AS209 ***** ************** *******, LLC Customer – We noticed excessive POPUPS and some Performance Issues on your Mac OS X computer. It could be because of a possible ADWARE in your Chrome Browser. Unfortunately we do not have a Level 3 Technician near Minneapolis Stores. So Please Call 1-844-890-4980 immediately and get connected to a Level 3 technician for Mac OS X Computer. Please note your Reference number for this Case is: 10252086." I called the number and they entered my computer through a shared screen. He installed some software claiming to be against malware and said he "installed a new firewall."The names they gave were "Harry Smith" (with an extremely heavy Philippine accent. He gave me two different extension numbers for his phone when I asked him two different time. Once, he said it was X2561 and then x435. Then he said his ID was Ap-341. I asked to speak to a manager and he claimed his name to be "******* ******" with the extension of x0285. Then he gave another extension when I asked later: x432. "Harry" also told me his last name was "Zaidi." When I challenged him on this, and said that Hussain told me his last name was "Zaikai," he denied it.When I called Apple, they told me they would NEVER do anything like this. I did enter my credit card, but I later disputed the charge as fraud, and the credit card company is crediting the money back to me and issued a new credit card.The following is information that they typed and put on my desktop. I also gave them my phone number, email, and name:"1.We need to service your mac pro.2.We need to repair the firewall.3.We need to remove all the infection.4.We need to remove trojan virus.Advanced Firewall ProtectionHarry smithx435ID: Ap-341Hussan Zaidi (Also, "Hussain Zaikai")x432TOLL FREE : 1-855-284-0500Timings : 11AM to 8PM EST, Monday to Friday."

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