Flagship FantaSea Resorts & Timeshare Pennsylvania Review


Most people are too ashamed to talk about this because they feel stupid for falling for the scam. Most people are so ashamed that they continue to shell out money they don’t have to pay for 2nd mortgages and vacations that they will never take. They endure the harassment of the rude and unprofessional bullies who represent this company because they are too embarrassed to admit that they made a mistake. This is me…I made the mistake of falling into the trap that cost me almost $4,000 in one year with ZERO luxury vacations taken and a whole headache. But I’m sharing this information in hopes of saving someone else time, money and the risk of damaging your credit. It all started a little over a year ago when I received a phone call notifying me that I had won roundtrip airline tickets and some other too-good-to-be-true gifts from a raffle entry I entered at the mall – Lesson No.1… DO NOT enter mall raffles! Marketers use this tactic to get people to voluntarily give up their personal contact information in hopes of winning a prize that doesn’t exist – that’s a whole other topic…but let’s move on. After several phone conversations with NICE people, I found myself driving to FantaSea Resort in Atlantic City to pick up my so-called airline prize and to enjoy a complimentary overnight stay at the FantaSea Resort. The room was nice…nothing to write home about but we were comfortable and people were treating us like royalty – these people were full of surprises, but there would be more. We were told up front that in order to receive our “gifts”” we had to participate in a timeshare presentation – even though we knew better

we were so excited about those free airline tickets that we decided that we could handle those timeshare salesmen. We would sit long enough to listen to to the pitch

nicely say NO

grab our gifts and be on our way – Lesson No.2…Never agree to a timeshare sales pitch in exchange for gifts or prizes; it’s extremely hard to win! I won’t get into the details here but for those of you who have ever sat through a timeshare presentation

you know what kind of pressure that you’re dealing with. If you are one of the Strong

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By Ronald

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