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Roger Steakley, dba Fit to Print Store, LLC, 6306 Ashley Manor Dr., Spring, TX 77389Takes orders for replacement certificates for martial arts and military.This business name is NOT in the Texas business entity database, even though it is listed on the website as a DBA for Roger Steakley IN Texas as a mailing address.It also was a topic in an earlier forum using an address of Fit to Print Store, 236 HIDEAWAY LN, SPRINGVILLE, AL 35146…the forum line. This scammer’s website has been around for years. This guy has no phone number. Gives a contact form along with an order form and takes credit cards. Then you never hear back again.All you can do is NOT order from him. If you have, report the fraud to your bank and get your money back. I am fortunate that I have a good national bank and I got my money back from them!Amazing how this guy can stay in business after all these years!

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By Ronald

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