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Applied for Activities Inventory Manager on with First Congregational Church, several days passed, and then I received an email from "Emily" that reads as follows: "Dear Job Seeker,After much consideration going through your Resume and you seem perfect for this job Kindly email Mr Steve at [email protected]So he can email you with more details about the job.Best RegardsEmily"The two off-putting things about this email are the rampant capitalization and grammar mistakes, and the fact that they require you to email a different email address entirely to continue with the process.I of course emailed Mr. Steve for more information, and he completely changed the job position, employment type (full-time to part-time), pay, and more. He also ended the very-poorly-written email with a list of personal identifiers (address, full name, bank information) that are required to be submitted before the interview.At this point, without any other information to gain from this scam, I blocked and reported all their communications with me to Indeed and Google.

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