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I have had First American Home Warranty and they are the worst company to deal with. They will send their shady technicians out to your house and come up with excuses so they do not have to pay for repairs. They will contradict what their own technicians say falsefy reports. It seems strange that they never want to show you what their technicians say even though on your hard copy it doesn’t mention anything that they claim. I had a problem with the electricity when I first moved in to the new home. First American sent in a technician. This company they sent out can’t even be found on yelp! Yeah real trustworthy. The technician told me the breaker needed to be replaced. No problem I thought, first american has got my back! The warranty company called me and claimed the technician said that because there is paint on the breaker it does not work and they will deny my claim (get used hearing that term). I was furious! I called the realtor and the realtor said to get a second opinion from a bonded electrician. The second electrician (from a legit company I found on Yelp) came in and said the breaker just needed to be changed. I asked him about the paint and he laughed and said that it was not possible and that warranty companies will make anything up. First American sent in a 3RD Technician after I told them and the other technician said the breaker needed to be replaced. After the company received several emails from the realtor they agree to pay for repairs. Now I am having a problem with the oven range. I called First American and they sent in their own tech. I looked up these guys on Yelp and (not joking!!!) they have one start out of 255 reviews. 1 Star!!! Appertantly I learned that some of these companies make a living off insurance companies so they don’t really need good reviews. Their technician said the oven had issues with the gas valve and that it needed to be replaced. I called First American and they claim that the technician said the oven stopped working because of roaches! Roaches?! Really they the power to break down an entire oven. I called a legit company (out of my own pocket of course) and he said the gas valve was broken. He said it was normal wear and tear. Once again I called First American and they sent in a 3rd technician. This company had a yelp profile but no reviews. The technician came in and he was very nice. He told me the problem was the gas valve and I asked him if it was because of roaches. He laughed and that said no, this stuff happens all the time. Guess what First American said…….??? You guess it they claim that the technician said it was because of roaches and they refuse to accept my claim. The company refuses to let me speak to the technician and they refuse to let me see their report. Do not trust First American Home Warranty!!! Look elsewhere!!!

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