Final Expense Leads


This company has figured out how to make it’s services look attractive to insurance agents who are looking for help with setting appointments. | This alleged company, since i am not sure there is any real company, just phone number and emails. They claim on their website and on phone that can set appointments for final expense. Must purchase a minimum of 20. And must pay for first order by wire transfer or by depositing money into sales associate corporate banking account at bank of america. Account *********421, routing 111000025. I purchased the leads and never received any confirmation that funds received and or timely schedule. I asked for a refund since per their sales agreement states no refund can be made if schedule has not been issued. I did not receive one so i requested a refund. Especially since i have not received any follow up on what was going on with my order. They have not delivered anything they have claimed to advertise. There are also complaints on Had one been checking this site, i would not have done anything with this bogus company. | I spoke with jennifer bandera,who told me to follow up with robert bradley who has never follow up with me about a refund. Instead sent me a schedule and told me to expect leads from a tony richardson who has not been able to deliver. He has told me to follow up with a courtney davis. Also a rosemary campbell for rescheduling. I specifically requested my funds to be returned and that i no longer want their services. No one responds to my emails or calls. They just continue with their bogus business activities as if to create a trail or documentation to demonstrate that they are doing they are performing what they advertised. Clearly they are not.

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