Fife RV. Nathan (sales mgr) Review


This agency says it is on my side but they left me holding the bag. The manager, Nathan, says they knew my truck didn’t have a tow package but because I did not specifically ask for all the parts of a total tow package they weren’t bound to provide them. Because they didn’t include the receiver in the loan package I cannot get it from them unless I come up with $695. I can’t just get any receiver. It has to work with their sway bar. So I have everything but that part so I cannot travel with my travel trailer. They did tow the trailer to the lot I’m renting. However I have warranty work that needs to be done but I have to tow it to service. I can’t get the warranty work done because they stiffed me on the receiver. Underno circumstances should you shop there. Since coming forward with my complaint, I have been inundated with other horror stories about Fife RV. Your money would be better spent with Sunset RV, Sumner RV, Poulsbo Rv or Baydos. Buyer beware buying here will only bring you heartache. .

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