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They said I was approved for 20’000 but I had to take an insurance on loan in order for it to process. They stole 690$ from me. I etransfered them the money then I called them they said I had to send 700$ more BEFOR it could be released into my bank account. I said no I want a refund he first said certified check in 24 hours. Then said he would etransfer me the money even gave me the security code for this transfer. She I didn’t get it I called agian he said it would take three weeks for the refund by mail. Its a total scam. Fieldridge financial groups r a scam. Walter Stevens and Bruce Clayton. I’m a mom of four on ODSP I’m low income and these thieves stole half my months salary. Now my kids n I are without. Plz help stop these men BEFOR they steal anymore.

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By Ronald

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