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Complaint: When I purchased a new Mazda Tribute in May 2004, The mileage on the car was 7, I was talked into getting the extended warranty of 100k for anything that might happen later in life. I was basically told they would cover anything containing to the engine. Well that was three years ago and I have had every oil change and maintaince that was needed to the car done, with provided paperwork to show. On June 11th my car started making a ticking sound and I took it to the dealership and they pulled everything up on the computer and said again I was covered under the warranty, they even got me a loaner car from Enterprise, I came home called Fidelity they said yes to all my questions and that they would send an inspector as soon as possible and that Obrien auto park would be getting in contact with me about my car. A week went by and I called there and they said an inspector came out and they now needed my authorization to do a complete breakdown which they called an internal diagnosis where they had to take the engine out to find the internal problem. I said yes and was told I would be charged an additional 250.00 besides the deductible-ok,fine I said and then another week goes by and I call to see the status. well the person who’s working on your car fell and broke his shoulder so their under staff right now and will give me a call back on monday. Well no call on monday they call tuesday asking for my authorization again and I was speaking to a new guy the other guy no longer works there,I approve again and another week goes by, well I get the call thursday July 5th that the warranty company isn’t covering any of it saying that a third inspector came out and determined it was not well lubed causing sludge and that it was my fault,Obrien couldn’t even get a reasonable explaination from the inspector and the worst part is that I’ve had this loaner car since under the impression that I was getting mine fixed through the warranty and it was to be covered-well now they say I owe 1,085.00 for the teardown and the rental since I’m not covered. Now thanks to them my car is at Obrien’s till I pay them for what I thought was covered! Christina Urbana, IllinoisU.S.A.

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