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When I met my now ex husband we worked together and started out as friends. This went on for about a month and then we actually started talking. Things started out really good. Well about this time I had moved so we mostly just talked on the phone. We were really close so we decided that he should meet my sons and that if things were good and that they got along then we should move in together. About 6 months later we got married. (I know bad idea). He moved around alot for his job but it was ok or atleast I thought it was. His friends always told me what a great guy he was and how he would never cheat or hurt me. || We were married a year when we decided to move from Florida to Tennessee where my family lives at. And because my youngest son has health problems and we thought it was better to have more family support for him. He stayed behind to pay back some money that we borrowed from his boss. He was supposed to move up with me a month later. About a week after I got to Tennessee. This girl calls me from his phone to tell me that she had been sleeping with my husband for 5 months and that she was pregnant with his child. So I asked her if he had any marks on his body so I could be sure. She told me that she didnt know. Well I asked her where she got his phone. She tells me on his friends bed when he was drunk he left it there. I tried to ask her more but she hung up on me. Like 10 minutes later his friend calls me with her saying that she was lying to try and break us up. So I let it go. I know some people are like that. On april 1 I went back to Florida to help him with some things there we had a good week before I came back. We couldnt stay together because of some trouble he got himself into but it was ok. When I got back home he called me and tells me that he had something to tell me and that he knew I was going to be mad at him. That he was here illegal and that he needed me to file papers for him. I told him hell no . Well then he gets mad at me and says that I never loved him and that he wants a divorce so I said ok. I filed the papers and he decides that he wants to stay together. I told him no but that I would stay friends with him. Once again he gets mad at me but this time he tells me that he never loved me and that the girl who called me is actually his girlfriend and that they are in fact having a baby and that he has been cheating on me the whole time we were together. I told him to go to hell and to take his little hoe with him.I stopped talking to him. Wouldn’t answer my phone nothing so he starts bothering my family . Messaging them on facebook whatever he could. So I called him and asked what the hell he wants. He tells me that he wants his family back but he wants to be with her too and that if I didn’t take him back then he was going to kill himself and hung up on me. So I call him back to calm him down and he is telling me that his life is all messed up and Im like well thats your own fault. He hangs up again. So I call him back he doesn’t answer. So I call his mother because he is a mamas boy. Well she texts him to make sure he is ok and he tells her that I have been cheating on him. Im like you lying little fuck. Of course his mom believes him so they think that I am the problem. But they still try to get us to work it out. Which there is nothing to work out. He cheated now he gets to live with it. || His baby is now a month old. He still hasn’t seen her and he is still trying to get back with me. Not ever going to happen. As for her I would put her on here but I don’t know her real name. I have been given 3 so far. And he has many different facebook accounts. I have changed mine and blocked everyone that he has made. My divorce was granted on the grounds that he is illegal. And me and my kids have moved on and are happy without him and all his drama. I am hoping he sees this and realizes that I am way to good for him and he has no chance of EVER coming back to me. As for you Nano. Me and my children dont need someone like you in our lives. They need a good man to teach them not a lying pathetic mamas boy. Have a nice life and never contact me again.

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By Ronald

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