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I purchased an item off him on EBay and paid immediatly via Paypal using his proprietary auctiva checkout system. I received three emails after the payment and replied to one for him to please not Spam me. nHe was very rude after this stating he would cancel the sale and repremanded me for accusing him of Spam when all I did was ask him not to. nThe next day he refunds me and states he doesn’t want to complete the transaction. I read his previous feedbacks ad it’s obvious this guy is a hot head. He has some very poor people skills. nI plan to leave him negative feedback once EBay’s 7 day period is up. EBay doesn’t realize that this 7 days period only pisses people off more. nI’ve never understood why some sellers on EBay pay for checkout systems that are not needed when EBay and Paypal checkout already do this for them for free. Perhaps this is why G. Ayers is so upset with life, he was ignorant eough to pay for something that is free and he finally figured it out. nGadncolumbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.

EBay Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.

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