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Complaint: Fence Management Fence Management Fence Management is all I hear and they are bad bad bad ripoff! They do not help america. they only steal jobs and hurt small businesses by unfair business practices. they need to be stopped and sued! fence management will spray paint your cars!!!!! they will spray paint your cat and dog and children!!!! fence management is the worst company hurting small contractors by too low prices must be stealing stain and supplies to have pricing so pathetic low. they will will ruin your grass and rocks and windows and get you sued by hoa and neighbors because they will spray anybody who walks by on the sidewalk so watch out for fence managment because thy will spray you with stain and laugh at you and your ruined clothes. fence management is horrible. keep away stay away from fencemanagment.com Fence Management is mean to dogs also! they will spray your dog and they will step in dog poop and put it on your carpet in your house. keep your doors closed if fence management is at your house because they will try to spray inside your house and will laugh at your furniture and carpet getting ruined . fence management is a ripoff!!!! fence managment is a ripoff!!!! fence managment people are crazy!!! what a ripoff!!!!!!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 910 16th street Denver, Colorado United States of America

Website: www.fencemanagement.com/

Phone: 3038251851

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